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What's it all about?


During my Zen practice the idea of a simple black and white t-shirt came along. A simple form offering challenge to our often busy and lost mind. Everyday teaching that you can take with you and help others.

Traditionally, people practice every day to improve their ability to live in the present moment, to become aware of this precious gift that is exactly this moment. Practicing people try to become independent from their thinking, wake up and help all sentient beings to release themselves from suffering that is created by mind only. Being here and now offers peace, lightness and easiness to our lives.

Awareness T-Shirt are created to wake up your mind. Wake up to what? To the Awareness. To the state or quality of being aware of something. It can be anything and everything.


is a Chinese character traditionally used to describe a a person with arms stretched out as far as possible, implying the meaning of big, great, large, deep, mature. These simple black and white Awareness T-shirts are created to make your mind grow !

Awareness T-Shirt introduces a form of teaching that would fit seamlessly into our modern world. As people become more aware of the impact we have on the planet Earth, animals and people around us we have to improve our response and responsibility. We have to become aware of what we do and ultimately what is the effect of our choices and actions. We are responsible for our own mind, heart, relationships, health, environment – for our life. However, in the stressful daily routine it is easy to get lost under pressure of modern life. Awareness T-shirt is designed as a response to help us keep our mind present.

Awareness T-Shirt is created for people who want to spread the Awareness. Inspire, educate and help themselves and others.

Get a soft, high quality, organic cotton made in the EU with unique mind awaking design.

Awareness T-Shirt is 100% wake up material.

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