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It’s pretty amazing that our society has reached a point where the effort necessary to:

• extract oil from the ground
• ship it to a refinery
• turn it into plastic
• shape it appropriately
• deliver it to a store
• buy it and bring it home

is considered to be less effort than what it takes to just wash the spoon when you are done eating.

Over 6 million tons of nondurable plastic spoons, forks, knives are discarded every year. And there are plastic bottles, garbage, clothing, shoes, cars, refrigerators, cans, plastic boxes, paper, wrapping of your lunch, new smartphone, cables etc.

We all try to recycle – but how many are we? And is it enough?

Every day when you drink water from the bottle instead of the tap one, every day when you open packed in plastic products from the shop, every time you buy new fashionable shoes or pants, every day you drive your car instead of your bike, every time you board a plane - most of our everyday activities – they pollute environment in fast, direct and irremediable way.

This pollution we create, our everyday actions, make it impossible for many species of animals to survive. They have no environment to live, they die of hunger, suffocated by plastic or they are being killed and fished out to support our needs. It is irreversible and irreparable process.

Every day responsibility is on every one of us.

Be aware. Think what the results of your actions are. Change your habits. Protect what you can.